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At iExpand Design & Build, we know that preserving the character of a building is essential to maintaining its soul.

Whether your building is Grade 1, Grade 2*, Grade 2, or whether you simply have an older building with character and style you want to preserve, you know it needs a delicate, skilled and careful touch to keep it in the way you are looking for.

We believe passionately that building like these need to be looked after by professionals who have the right skills and experience to be able to read the existing structure, accurately decipher what should be retained, what repaired and what should be replaced. It is not a job for the amateur builder, nor for those wo only work with modern buildings. Within our Listed & Heritage offering, we cover:

Heritage buildings are all unique in their own way, whether built of local or transported materials, they all present their own challenges in matching materials, construction techniques and finishes. We take time to fully assess your building at the beginning of a project, to understand its nature and to plan works accordingly.

The right craftsmen are essential to delivering the works that you need to maintain and enhance your building. Whether these are stonemasons who can copy ornate mullions or carpenters to repair ancient staircases, the skills needed are wide ranging and rare. We have a number of such craftsmen within our company, who have many of the skills required for most works, but where particularly specialist skills are needed, we have an extensive network of experts to call upon as the need arises, all experts in the craft, with time served experience.

Depending on the level of your listing, you will, of course, be subject to a specific set of permission requirements for any works, whether they are alterations of maintenance. Depending on these works, you may also be subject to enhanced building regulation requirements over and above those applied previously. Matching the works needed to both these sets of requirements, which can at times be seemingly contradictory, can be an art in itself.

While this is not a glamorous part of owning a special building, it is at the foundation of maintaining these structure to the best possible standards, but in a way which preserves their usefulness in a changing world. We will help to navigate this often challenging area, to achieve the right outcome for you.

As you are looking to alter your home, comfort that your project is being handled with professionalism, care and quality will be at the front of your concern. We offer a full project management approach to all our works, fully costed and tracked on a weekly basis. Our process includes weekly site meetings as standard to discuss progress of works, progress to budgets, along with any issues and changes as required. We will work hand in hand with you at every stage through the works from inception through to handover and follow-up.

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